O365 OpenID technical Dokumentation

Starting point for this document is that you have an Admin-account for the Microsoft online services.

  1. Login to https://portal.azure.com with your Microsoft email and password
  2. Click Azure Active Directory on the welcome screen:

3. Then click on App-registrations in the menu left:

4. Now choose a New registration:

5. In the form that appears, you can fill in a name like ‘Viadesk App’, and leave the other inputs on default, and choose Register

6. On the next screen, please read and store the Application-id (client-id) and the Map-id (tenant-id) for later use:

7. In the menu left, click on Verification, and enter for Viadesk the following four redirect-URI’s with the type web:


8. Back on the main screen, choose the option Show API-permissions:

9. Choose API-permissions in the menu left:

10. Then add a permission with the + button:

11. On the next screen, scroll to the Microsoft Graph API:

12. Choose Delegated permissions, and use the searchbox to look for “files”. The option Files.read will appear. Repeat this for openidmail and calendars.

13. At least the permissions Calendars.Read.ShareMail.ReadBasicOnlineMeetings.ReadWrite,
 Sites.FullControl.All en User.Read.All need to be checked for the Viadesk App:

14. Choose the submit-button to save your permissions.

15. Finally choose Certificates and secrets in the menu:

16. Generate a  New clientsecret, and store the value immediately, as it cannot be read on a later moment:

17. N.B.: Please set the expiry-date in your agenda, or put it far away in the future. After the expiry date of a Secret, nobody can log in using this App.

18. As a final step, the following data can be sent to Viadesk: Application-id (client-id), Map-id (tenant-id), and Secret.

Brauchen Sie Hilfe? Dann nehmen Sie Kontakt mit uns auf: support@viadesk.de